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New York Information Technology is a privately owned and incorporated business formed in the early 1990s to do consulting in the Financial District of New York City. Now it is primarily a website, whose purpose is to collect, organize and disseminate information for the greater good.

We ( are not a school! Please do not write to us inquiring about admissions or classes. There is a school that uses the domain nyit.EDU but nyit.COM is not affiliated with it in anyway and is not in the business of education.
There is JavaScript (No ActiveX) used on this website. It is used to select and display the inspirational quotes that apear on the domain's home page and also to add a little visual interest as your mouse hovers over certain buttons. That is it. No pop-ups, No cookies, No tracking, No spyware, No redirections or other attemps to highjack your PC. The code is viewable with your browser's 'view source' and free to anyone who cares to use it.
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